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200 Hours : Yoga Alliance - Yoga Personal Excellence and Teacher Training

Unleash Your Inner Yogi: The Ultimate Guide to Yoga Teacher Training Programs

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200 Hrs Yoga Alliance Certification

Below is a structured bullet-point overview of the foundation training curriculum for your yoga teacher training page, covering key aspects of yoga philosophy, anatomy, teaching methodology, and more.

  • Yoga Philosophy and History:

    • Explore the origins and evolution of yoga.

    • Study ancient texts like the Vedas, Upanishads, Yoga Sutras, and Bhagavad Gita.

    • Understand the eight limbs of yoga as outlined in key philosophical texts.

         Hot Yoga and its Evolution:

  • Introduction to Hot Yoga: Understand what Hot Yoga is, including its characteristics and the unique environment it requires (e.g., high temperatures and humidity).

  • Historical Background: Trace the origins of Hot Yoga, starting from its conception to how it has become popular in the modern yoga community.

  • Key Figures and Developments: Learn about significant contributors to the Hot Yoga movement, such as Bikram Choudhury, and how their teachings have shaped Hot Yoga practices.

  • Styles of Hot Yoga: Explore the different styles of Hot Yoga beyond Bikram, 

  • Health Benefits and Considerations: Discuss the purported benefits of practicing yoga in a heated environment, including increased flexibility and detoxification, as well as potential health risks and how to mitigate them.

  • Adaptation and Innovation: Observe how Hot Yoga has adapted and evolved in response to scientific research, practitioner feedback, and broader trends in health and wellness.

  • Anatomy and Physiology:

    • Gain insights into the human body's systems and structure.

    • Learn anatomy relevant to yoga practice and teaching, focusing on safety and injury prevention.

  • Asana (Yoga Postures):

    • Master learning and teaching common yoga poses.

    • Apply alignment and adjustment techniques.

    • Develop skills in sequencing and class planning.

  • Pranayama (Breath Control):

    • Practice techniques for breath control and awareness.

    • Learn to integrate pranayama into yoga classes.

  • Teaching Methodology:

    • Embrace principles of effective teaching.

    • Enhance communication and cueing skills.

    • Manage classrooms ethically and efficiently.

  • Yoga for Special Populations:

    • Adapt yoga for different age groups and abilities.

    • Specialize in teaching yoga to seniors, kids, and pregnant women.

  • Yogic Lifestyle and Ethics:

    • Adopt a yogic diet and nutrition.

    • Follow ethical conduct guided by the yamas and niyamas.

  • Business of Yoga:

    • Create a comprehensive yoga business plan.

    • Focus on marketing, branding, and promotion.

    • Navigate legal and ethical considerations in the yoga profession.

  • Yoga Styles and Traditions:

    • Get introduced to various yoga styles (e.g., Hatha, Bikram, Sumits Vinyasa, Ashtanga).

    • Understand the differences and similarities among them.

  • Sanskrit and Chanting:

    • Learn basic Sanskrit terms and mantras.

    • Incorporate chanting into yoga classes.

  • Anatomy of Energy (Chakras, Nadis, etc.):

    • Understand the energetic aspects of yoga.

    • Work on balancing and harmonizing energy centers.

  • Student Practicum and Teaching Experience:

    • Gain hands-on teaching experience.

    • Receive peer and mentor feedback for improvement.

  • Self-Practice and Self-Care:

    • Develop and maintain a personal yoga practice.

    • Focus on maintaining physical and mental health.

  • Yoga Philosophy and Ethics:

    • Deepen the understanding of moral and ethical principles of yoga.

This curriculum is designed to provide a comprehensive foundation in yoga teaching, ensuring graduates are well-equipped to teach yoga safely, effectively, and with integrity.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What requirements must I meet in order to enroll in this course?

Potential students ought to have a basic practice that consists of mastery of basic beginner asanas and Sun Salutations (surya namaskars). In order to be admitted to this program, one must maintain a consistent and active yoga practice. To ensure that you're ready for the program, it's best to start your yoga journey with an accredited yoga teacher. Being open to embracing new ideas and concepts as well as being a focused and attentive learner are essential qualities for success in this course.


2) Is it necessary to have the intention to teach yoga to enroll in this course?

Absolutely not. This course is primarily designed to teach you yoga. While those interested in teaching can opt for additional lessons through our mentorship program, we firmly believe in the continuous journey of learning. If you feel the calling to share and teach, that's wonderful, but it's not a requirement. Our comprehensive training equips you with the knowledge and skills, whether you choose to teach or not.

3) Do you offer Scholarships ?

Regarding scholarships, although we are currently working on establishing a scholarship fund, it is not available at the moment. However, we do provide payment plans for those interested in participating.

4)How long is the Training ? What’s the cost and the times ?

The training spans over 10 weekends, with sessions on Wednesday and Friday evenings from 7 pm to 9:30 pm, and either Saturday or Sunday from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm. As for the cost, the tuition is $2999, with a $250 registration fee. Payment plans are available.

Do I get a certification at the end ? Is Sumit’s Yoga Teacher Training  Program certified ?


Yes, this training is Yoga Alliance certified. Sumit has been training and certifying Yoga Alliance teachers since 2006.



5) Why should you entrust your yoga teacher training to Sumit and his team?

My path from yoga lessons in India to thriving yoga studios in Arizona has spanned every stage of being a yoga student, teacher, mentor, studio owner, and author. I have over 25 years of teaching experience, and since 2005, I have been training instructors all over the world. What interests me the most is seeing how yoga students can improve as practitioners before becoming teachers.


I have spent over twenty years carefully creating a curriculum for yoga teacher training that has two main goals: to preserve the true teachings of yoga and to give you the tools you need to be successful in learning and possibly teaching it.


Having made my way through the difficulties of becoming a yoga instructor, I've determined the essential components that make yoga practitioners successful. Each training module incorporates these concepts in a streamlined, organized manner. The program focuses on critical thinking, clarity, self-leadership, self-growth, and change, with the aim of improving your profession.


Every module includes both in-person and online instruction, along with a comprehensive set of resources such as checklists, milestone targets, custom sequences, roadmaps, and course manuals. You can work wisely and learn quickly because I've carefully thought through every detail.


Decades of meticulous curation went into creating this curriculum, which represents my personal relationship to yoga as a fundamental aspect of my life from infancy. Being Indian, I am able to discuss subtleties with my Western colleagues with ease, bringing the ancient wisdom of yoga into the present day.


It will greatly enhance the experience and I am excited to welcome you to the training. I am excited to see you succeed in both of your capacities as a committed learner and a blossoming yoga instructor.”

Past Trainees Testiomonials

1)Angie's Testimonial (2006): "When Sumit first suggested I take the plunge into yoga teacher training in 2006, I was hesitant. I didn't think I had the time, but Sumit's encouragement convinced me to commit. Little did I know, it would be a life-changing experience. Teaching for 15 years now, sharing the gift of yoga is the most rewarding part of my life. Sumit's training was a blessing that turned into a lifelong priority."

2) Dave's Testimonial (2009): "Financial struggles made yoga teacher training seem impossible in 2009. I had lost my job, and the thought of affording it was daunting. Against the odds, I borrowed money from my parents and took the training with Sumit. It not only changed my personal life but also led me to a part-time teaching career. Teaching yoga has been the most fulfilling job I've ever had, and I owe it all to Sumit's training and the support of my parents."

3) Amy's Testimonial (2011): "In 2011, I enrolled in Sumit's yoga teacher training with no intention of teaching. My goal was personal growth and deepening my practice. Little did I know, the training would push me out of my comfort zone, helping me find my voice. Sumit's training was the pivotal experience that gave me the confidence I lacked. Now, I lead corporate trainings worldwide, and I credit Sumit for helping me discover a new dimension of myself."

4) Grace's Testimonial (2015) "Sumit's yoga teacher training in 2015 was a turning point for me. I never thought I would have the time or the courage to take it on. However, Sumit's persistent encouragement convinced me to commit. The training became a priority in my life, and now, years later, I find immense joy and fulfillment in sharing the transformative power of yoga with others. Sumit's guidance has been a blessing, shaping not just my teaching journey but my entire life's path."

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