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Our Mission

At Soulful Tribe, we are in the space of creating healing of body, mind and emotional wellness. Our classes, programs and trainings are all designed to provide each individual with an opportunity to explore, enhance and experience transformation using ancient and modern wisdom.

Why we do it ?

-We believe that everyone has the capacity to change and better themselves. We also understand the strength of a supportive community to affect change. With this experience, that when shared with love ones, can live to strengthen bonds and provide a lifetime of cherished experiences.


How we do it ?

-We provide our valued students and members with the opportunity to create unique experiences, with our classes, workshops, retreats and teacher training programs.

Everything we offer is to create growth and personal development focused on high quality and core values.

What we do ?


-Established in 2000, Sumit Banerjee started his first Yoga studio under Bikram Yoga Paradise Valley, Arizona. In 2004, he created his new and own brand under Sumit’s Yoga Studios that was later renamed SOULFUL TRIBE in 2016.  Sumit is also an author of the book SOULFUL TRIBE where he outlines the principles of the meaning behind his company and philosophy. 

We specialize in Yoga classes both heated/ hot and non heated, meditation and speciality workshops all with the intention to learn and grow to be a better individual.

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